"Mr. Sweeney is an exceptional teacher and we are lucky to have him as our daughter's cello instructor. In just two years of playing cello, my daughter's cello playing has exceeded my expectations. I was allowed to sit in all of my daughter's lessons (that's more than hundred hours of lesson) and I was able to observe Mr. Sweeney while he was teaching my daughter. Mr. Sweeney has taught her solid fundamentals to build upon, taking great care to details. He also taught her how to carefully evaluate her own playing, and how to recognize specific problem areas to focus on when practicing. I am happy and excited to see that my daughter is on her way to becoming an independent and intelligent cellist who demands an exceptional quality in her work. I believe that all the positive qualities that Mr. Sweeney is trying to instill in my 11 year old daughter will not only benefit her in cello, but in other endeavors that lay ahead in her life. It is a great privilege to have him as my daughter's teacher/mentor. Thank you very much, Mr. Sweeney!!! "

Tracey An
Student Parent

"Ryan Sweeney is a brilliant cellist with a virtuosic technique, a wonderful sense of musicality, and a beautiful rich sound. He is a very gifted teacher with a wonderful caring personality. He has demonstrated, by teaching some of my students, that he is able to effectively utilize all of his skills to help others improve their own musical and technical abilities. I am absolutely positive that Mr. Sweeney will make a major contribution to the musical world."

Hans Jensen
Professor of Cello
Northwestern University School of Music

"Ryan Sweeney is the best thing that happened to our daughter and her cello career. He brings out the best in technique and concentration from our daughter, and consequently, during the one year of training with him, her improvement as a musician has been staggering. He is the consummate professional and perfectionist. We are so lucky to have him as our daughter's teacher. He cares for his students and is a true partner for the cello lover."

Dr. & Mrs. Ho S. Bae
Student Parents

“I have known Ryan Sweeney since he was 10 years old. He has always exhibited the utmost patience, a probing intellect concerning the cello's physical challenges and is very consistent in his efforts. These are qualities possessed by the very finest teachers. In addition to his abilities as a teacher, he is also a very talented performer in his own right.”

Lynn Harrell
Renowned Soloist

"Through the few years I have been training with Mr. Sweeney, he has been a major catalyst in my improvement as a musician and to the dramatic growth in my enjoyment of playing the cello. Aside from helping me improve within a lesson or studio class, Mr. Sweeney teaches me how to practice efficiently and independently, and he brings out the very best of my abilities. He works hard and gives up much of his time to ensure the best results of my learning, and he truly cares for every one of his students. I am so lucky and truly grateful to have such a caring and gifted teacher as Mr. Sweeney."

Aileen Ro

"Ryan Sweeney's instructions show passion toward what he teaches, very clear and specific instructions with encouraging spirit, yet reinforcing the importance of the daily practice. He is a down to earth instructor! He indeed is very generous with his time. He is our first and last cello instructor if God's willing!"

Ann Lai
Student Parent

"Ryan has been an integral part of the success of our youth symphony. He provides solid, technical based instruction that helps our students achieve and perform music at a high level. In addition to his excellent musicianship, Ryan also relates well with our students and motivates them to learn. We are very pleased to have Ryan Sweeney on our staff."

Jack Taylor
Director & Conductor
Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra

“It was my pleasure to work with Ryan Sweeney. He is an excellent cellist, has a keen and inquisitive mind, and worked at problems in a very intelligent way, all of which are necessary ingredients in a good teacher. His fundamentals are excellent and I know he is demanding and caring in his approach.”

Ronald Leonard
Professor of Cello
Colburn School Conservatory of Music

"Ryan Sweeney is one of the best music instructors I have ever encountered. Both my children have taken lessons on different instruments, and I wish all their teachers could all have been as attentive and inspiring as Ryan. He is generous with his time and doesn't hesitate to encourage his students to tackle challenging pieces, auditions, and performances. I highly recommend his studio to anyone looking for cello instruction, at ANY level."

Kelly McCune
Student Parent

"For the past few years, Mr. Sweeney has provided me an environment that’s not only nourishing, but also inspiring. At any moment, he has the motivation to seek for the best in his students and also enjoys watching them excel. He is patient and understanding, and genuinely cares for the improvement of his students. Perhaps one of the most distinguishing aspects of his teaching is that he emphasizes a player’s balance and composure in mental, physical, technical, and musical aspects. Besides lessons, Mr. Sweeney also manages to hold many technique classes and studio classes to improve his students’ playing abilities and also to introduce them to the fine art of developing the poise of a performer. His studio classes, where players can listen to each other and make observations and constructive comments, not only allow players to look towards other fellow students for inspiration, but also prepare his students for real performances and competitions. Throughout the many studio classes I have attended, I have visibly noticed a drastic improvement on my ability to handle stress and nerves before or during performances. I can confidently say that selecting Mr. Sweeney to be my teacher has been the wisest decision my family has made for my cello playing. Thanks to his good will and passion for teaching, he has made my journey as a cellist both memorable and enjoyable."

Kevin Wei

"We are extremely pleased with our daughter’s progress since she started studying with Mr. Sweeney. We are consistently impressed with how precisely Mr. Sweeney is able to diagnose any problems with our daughter’s sound and how he is always able to give specific, targeted advice about how she can address those issues. He also encourages her to analyze her own playing independently so that she learns to apply the techniques that he has taught her. Mr. Sweeney’s standards are high, but his teaching style is friendly, nurturing and respectful. He is just what we were hoping to find in a teacher!"

Carissa Smith and Ted Urschel
Student Parents

"Our daughter had a bit of talent and interest and had played cello for a few years when her prior teacher suggested she try out for PYSO.  There was a complimentary Master Class offered prior to the auditions and we thought it would be helpful to have our daughter attend. It turned out that Mr. Sweeney led the class, and in watching him listen and then assist each of the amazingly talented and hard working kids, my wife and my jaws dropped. Mr. Sweeney lasered in on each kid's challenges and highlighted them in a helpful way so that each player could directly improve. It is rare to find a teacher who has such a great combination of talent, skill, patience, and is also able to directly translate the many skills needed to students. We contacted Mr. Sweeney and were thrilled that he was willing to take on our daughter for private lessons. During her time with him we have found he treats her with respect and patience, all the while asking the best from her. He neither talks down to, or above her head. She has grown leaps and bounds since starting with Mr. Sweeney and we will always be grateful for his time and efforts."

Robert and Jenna Goodman
Student Parents